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It is very advantageous to collect stamps of a nation since all the issues can be assembled at a reasonable cost. Due to the rarity or high cost of certain issues, this is not always possible with countries that have issued stamps for more than a century. Africa, where many former colonies gained their independence during 1960’s, is particularly a fertile field for collectors.

Nevertheless, Malawi has established a pattern that distinguishes its stamps. Instead of long thematic sets, those of Malawi are usually limited to five stamps. Moreover these stamps are frequently issued in the form of souvenir sheets, which may be collected separately or with the individual stamps. A wide variety of topics have been covered in this manner.

Our stamps are always issued in accordance with international guidelines as stipulated in Universal Postal Union manuals and other regional bodies.

Both mint-stamps (unused stamps) and used stamps can be collected. These can be collected year-wise, nation-wise or theme-wise. To make this easier and more attractive to beginners, philatelists generally advise you to collect stamps according to a selection of your choice called a Thematic Collection. Themes may be flowers, birds, animals, architecture, railways, monuments, etc. Definitive stamps and stationery can also be collected as a theme. The bottom line is that the collection unfolds various aspects of a theme like a story.
Classes of Stamps Collected

Commemorative stamps are issued to mark special events, occasions of national or international importance, and also to cover themes of general interest. They are normally withdrawn from sale at the post office after six months, and after twelve months at the stamp bureau.

Definitive stamps are essentially issued for postage purposes. The issue comprises a full range of about sixteen denominations which are released every four-five years.

Philatelic counters are available at all major post offices, and services include the following:

  • Sale of stamps, first day covers, souvenir folders, philatelic cards, stamp booklets
  • Sale of philatelic albums and inserts
  • Sale of annual stamp packs
  • Sale of philatelic handbooks
  • Deposit account service
  • Mailing list service
  • Personalised stamps (personalise your business/individual postage with your own imagery and message to give your mail more impact)

Our Philatelic Bureau stocks and sales philatelic products as follows

  • Full sheet of stamps (with 25 or 50 stamps on one sheet)
  • Single stamp (taken from the full sheet)
  • Control block (taken from the full sheet, block of four stamps cancelled to order, the name and date of the stamp issue and the colour codes used by the printers)
  • Single set of stamps (all the stamps of one issue)
  • Commemorative envelopes (with the stamps of the issue plus the special cancellation)
  • Miniature sheets
  • Post cards and posters related to a particular stamp issue
  • Aerogrammes (with a stamp printed onto the item)
  • Prepaid post cards (with the stamp printed onto the item)
  • Special cancellations (by special canceller of each stamp issue)
  • Stamp booklets (with the stamps folded inside)
  • Any other postal items as may be requested by the client (tailor-made products and services.

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