Money Transfer

Malawi Posts Corporation provides the quickest, reliable and cheapest ways to send or receive money within Malawi through our wide network of 180 Post Offices.


Is a local electronic money payment system which facilitates the transfer of cash from one person to another through the postal system. Fast cash is available in 180 post office throught Malawi. Fast cash therefore compliments government efforts on financial inclusion as 80% of the population is unbanked.


  • Reliable because our extensive network hence you are guaranteed of transacting at any post office in your area.
  • Secure because customers are given a confidential transaction number or pin code
  • Fast- it is real time and the same time money is sent, the other side the recipient will pocket his money
  • Convenient because you don�t have to travel long distances to access the service. Post offices are every where There is little paper work and procedures.
  • Customers or individuals who don�t have an identity card are allowed to receive money through fast cash. The sender of the money is asked to write a test question and provide an answer. The same information is communicated to the recipient who goes to the post office and provides an answer to the test question.
    • Money Order

      The money is sent telegraphically or by ordinary registered mail as requested by the sender.

      It is the cheapest and most reliable service for sending school fees because you are allowed to include a letter and other instructions.

      Postal Orders

      This is the traditional way of sending money to relatives or institutions e.g. payments can be made in respect of bill payments, school fees.

      Like ordinary money order, the order is enclosed in a registered envelope which is sent by post to any of the 180 post offices.