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Money and Postal Orders.

1- Rate of commission of Malawi Money Orders

Up to K250                                                                                                K40.00
Above K250 up to K500                                                                            K55.00
Above K500 up to K1000                                                                        K100.00
Above K1000 up to K1500                                                                      K150.00
Above K1500 up to K2000                                                                      K200.00

Above K2000 up to K2500                                                                      K240.00
Above K2500 up to K3000                                                                      K290.00
Above K3000 up to K3500                                                                      K330.00
Above K3500 up to K4000                                                                      K370.00
Above K4000 up to K4500                                                                      K410.00
Above K4500 up to K5000                                                                      K450.00

2- Rates of commission on international money orders                            NA
    Up to K100.00

3- Fee for stoppage of payment of a Money Order

      (a)  By post                                                                                     K100.00

4- Fee for the repayment of money order to Remitter

       (a) By post                                                                                    The original commission

5- Fee for the transfer of payment of a money order

        (a) By post                                                                                    The original commission

6- Fee for the issue of a money order in place of a void money order
        (a) By post                                                                                    The original commission

7- Fee for the issue of duplicate money order
        (a) Where it is provided that the loss is the fault                            NIL
              Of the Corporation

        (b) In any other case                                                                    The original commission

8- Fee for an advice of payment of money order
                (a) By post                                                                            K100.00

                (b) By telephone                                                                   K500.00

9-  Rates of commission on Malawi Postal Orders

                 (a) For K500.00                                                                    K50.00

                 (b) For K1000                                                                       K100.00

10- Fee for the repayment of a Malawi Postal Order to Remmiter          NIL

11- Fee for the issue of a duplicate Malawi Postal Order

                (a)  Where it is proved that the loss is the fault of                   NIL
                (b)  In any other case                                                              The amount of the
                                                                                                                Original commission

12- Fee for confirmation as to the payment of a Malawi                           K100.00
      Postal Order.

13- Fee for the payments of a Postal Order after the Expiry of :

  1.        (a) In the case of foreign postal order                                           The amount of a further commission.
  1.        (b)In the case of Malawi Postal Orders                                         Rates Specified in Item 9


In case of any queries please contact our Customer Relations Section on the following address:

Telephone : +265 1 832 163
E-mail : customercare@malawiposts.com