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Financial, Retail & Agency Services

Malawi Posts Corporation provides Retail, Financial and Agency services in all the entire wide network of 180 post offices.

Financial Services

Malawi Posts Corporation is the pioneer in Money transfer in all the network of 180 Post offices using the following services:

Fast Cash

Fast cash is the fastest, reliable, secure and convenient method of sending or Receiving money electronically.

Money Order

Money Order is reliable, secure and affordable way of sending or receiving money by Ordinary post or by telegraphic.

Postal Order

Postal Order is the traditional cheapest, reliable and secure method of sending or receiving Money.


Malawi Posts Corporations pays money sent by Moneygram from Foreign countries at selected post offices.

Retail Services

Malawi Posts Corporation is thriving to become a one stop shop for retail services by Providing the following products and services on behalf of third party Companies:

Airtime Recharge Vouchers

Malawi Posts Corporation distributes Airtime Recharge vouchers on wholesale as well as Retail for Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM), AIRTEL and Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL)

Sim card Swap

Malawi Posts Corporation provides Sim card replacement service in Post Offices on behalf of AIRTEL as well as TNM in selected post offices.

New Cellphone Connections

Malawi Posts Corporation sells and connects new cell phone subscribers in Post offices on behalf of Mobile phone companies like TNM and AIRTEL.

Electricity Prepaid Cards And Energy Saver Bulbs

Malawi Posts Corporation sales electricity Prepaid cards and Energy Saver Bulbs in post Offices on behalf of Electricity Commission of Malawi Limited (ESCOM).

Agency Services

Malawi Posts Corporation provides the following agency services on behalf of third companies in selected post offices including some post offices in rural areas.

Agency Banking

Malawi Post Office provides agency banking in rural post offices under the Financial Inclusion concept with New Building Society Bank. Services offered include Deposits, Withdraws and Opening New accounts.

Collection of Utility Payment Bills

Malawi Posts Corporation is collecting the following utility payment bills in selected post offices:

  • Water bills, new connection fee and reconnection fee for Central Region Water Board.
  • ESCOM Electricity Bills at Likoma and Chizumulu Islands.

Demand for technology driven services has made the Malawi Posts Corporation open Operate 20 telecentres in post offices.

Telecentres operate as business centres offering the following services:

  • Photocopying
  • Internet
  • Fax
  • Laminating & Scanning
  • Typing and printing
  • Binding
  • Stationary Items

Money Transfer

Malawi Posts Corporation provides the quickest, reliable and cheapest ways to send or receive money within Malawi through our wide network of 180 Post Offices.


Is a local electronic money payment system which facilitates the transfer of cash from one person to another through the postal system. Fast cash is available in 180 post office throught Malawi. Fast cash therefore compliments government efforts on financial inclusion as 80% of the population is unbanked.


  • Reliable because our extensive network hence you are guaranteed of transacting at any post office in your area.
  • Secure because customers are given a confidential transaction number or pin code
  • Fast- it is real time and the same time money is sent, the other side the recipient will pocket his money
  • Convenient because you don't have to travel long distances to access the service. Post offices are every where There is little paper work and procedures.
  • Customers or individuals who don't have an identity card are allowed to receive money through fast cash. The sender of the money is asked to write a test question and provide an answer. The same information is communicated to the recipient who goes to the post office and provides an answer to the test question.
    • Money Order

      The money is sent telegraphically or by ordinary registered mail as requested by the sender.

      It is the cheapest and most reliable service for sending school fees because you are allowed to include a letter and other instructions.

      Postal Orders

      This is the traditional way of sending money to relatives or institutions e.g. payments can be made in respect of bill payments, school fees.

      Like ordinary money order, the order is enclosed in a registered envelope which is sent by post to any of the 180 post offices.

      Money Gram

      Quickest Electronic method of cash payment from foreign countries, Malawians in Diaspora send money to relatives using money gram, however the service only allows payments hence you cannot send money abroad from Malawi using money gram through the post office..

      Your money, your language

      Wherever you are in the world, you can trust MoneyGram to help you with your money transfer needs. And because we recognise that you may not be in your native country or area, you may not be fluent in the local language so we will always try to talk to you in a language you can understand.

      MoneyGram offers an efficient and speedy way to send money throughout the world. Unfortunately, our services have been used by some fraud perpetrators, to fool or trick

      Trust MoneyGram to get it there safely

      MoneyGram is a global leader in worldwide money transfer services, working closely with specially chosen agents in 244,000 locations across 192 countries and territories.

      We provide a secure way to send and receive money to and from your loved ones worldwide and well make sure that your money gets to where its needed quickly.

      Choice and convenience

      Our diversity of agents and locations gives you choice and convenience, with many offering extended hours so you can send and receive money at a time that's convenient for you. If you have any questions about our local or global services, talk to one of our agents just use Find Us.


      Telecentres is a project jointly managed by Malawi Posts Corporation and MACRA (Malawi communication regulatory authority) with the aim of providing access to ICT to the rural communities.

      The project seeks to complement government efforts of connecting constituents so that people from one constituent can interact with another through modern technology.

      Some of the services offered at these Telecentres and Internet Cafes include.
      • Typing
      • Internet browsing
      • Scanning
      • Lamination
      • Binding
      • Photocopying fax
      • Sale of Airtime for MTL, AIRTEL
      • Sales of stationery (hard covers, ball point pens)

      Sales of Telephone Prepaid cards

      We sell cell phone recharge vouchers and Electronic vouchers for Telecoms Networks Malawi Limited (TNM), Airtel Malawi Limited and Malawi Telecommunications Limited.

      Agency Banking

      The wide network of our 180 post offices is an opportunity to stake holders on financial inclusion where the remotest rural masses can access banking facilities in post offices.

      NBS Bank has signed an agreement with Malawi Posts Corporation, NBS customers are able to withdraw or deposit their money in Post Offices.