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Additional Fees In Respect Of Postal Articles Incorrectly Posted or On Which the Postage Is Insufficiently Prepaid



  1. 1-Surcharge on postal articles on which the postage is insufficiently prepaid:

(a)   Correspondence sent by surface mail      Amount equal to the deficient postage plus K250.00             
To any country                                                                                                                                                 

(b)   Postal articles sent by air mail on which  
Not less than two-thirds of the postage has
Been prepaid
  1. 2-Surcharge on a postage article addressed to one                   An amount equal to the postage

Address containing an article addressee to a different               on each article if transmitted
Address                                                                                       Separately

  1. 3-Surcharge on a parcel posted in a Post Box                             K1,000.00

  1. 4-Surcharge on a packet of books prepaid at the rate                an amount equal to deficient

Of postage prescribed for library books and posted                    Postage plus K1,000.00 per letter 

In a post box.    

5- Surcharge on remailed postal matter.

(a)   Surcharge on remailed postal items from                               K10, 000.00 per kg
Foreign country for delivery in Malawi (ABB

  1. (b) Surcharge on remailed postal items from a                              K13, 200.00 per kg

Foreign country for delivery in another country
By airmail ABC/AB       


Registration and Insurance Fees

      1.  1- Fee for the registration of postal article                                                                            Current                                                                                                              

(a)  Posted for delivery within Malawi                                                                                     K1,000.00

(b)  Posted for delivery outside Malawi                                                                                   K1,500.00

  1.  2- Fee for compulsory registration of a postal article

(a) if the postal article is opened in the presence of
    The officer delivering it and found not to contain any
    Enclosures which would render it liable to compulsory
    Registration                                                                                                                         NIL

(b)  In any other case                                                                                                              K1,000.00

  1.  3-Fee for an acknowledgement of receipt of a registered article.

        (a) Posted for delivery within Malawi                                                                                K600.00

        (b) Posted for delivery outside Malawi                                                                             K600.00

  1. 4- Fee for an enquiry as to the loss of non-delivery of a registered article                             FREE
  1. 5-Fee for parcel insured:

        Fee for more than K25.00                                                                                                        N/A

        For more than K25.00 but not more than K50                                                                          N/A

        For more than K50.00 but not more than K75                                                                          N/A

        For more than K75.00 but not more than K100                                                                        N/A

        For more than K100.00 but not more than K140                                                                      N/A

6- Fee for an enquiry to the loss or non-delivery of an insured parcel                                             FREE

7- Fee for an advice for delivery for an insured parcel

           (a)  Posted for delivery within Malawi                                                                                      N/A

           (b)  Posted for delivery outside Malawi                                                                                   N/A


In case of any queries please contact our Customer Relations Section on the following address: 

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